With Liliths Kind Permission

Get Well Soon!

One of my favorite RPG writers, Owen Stephens, is apparently pretty seriously sick. As a "get well" card, I'd like everyone to buy at least ONE item from his company, Super Genius Games. They have things as cheap as 42, and if you like gaming you'll like something from SGG. If you play pathfinder or Call of Cthulhu, they have tons of stuff you *need*. Even if you don't, if you game at all buy their Giants - large and In Charge set of paper minutes. They are awesome! 

Woad Warrior

Published again!

This is what happens when I don't check my messages for a year. (A year?! I have been a busy, busy girl...)

My fun-for-friends chess variant, Endgame, got cleaned up and published with the help of the wonderful Mike Selinker. A long time ago.

A climactic chess variant.
Gwen Page and Mike Selinker