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Hey Folks!
Again, I will very rarely post here. But I had to type this up for my own game notes anyway, so I thought I'd post it. This is the newest game I am running (in M&M, natch) to pass my 10-game sustainability test.

Masque of All Trades

Set in 1779, Masque of All Trades is High Seas Superheroes. People with amazing powers and outlandish costumes fight for glory and political power around the Pearl Islands, a string of wild jungle-covered islands that supposedly hold the last fountain of Youth, and is thus hotly contested by the great nations of the era, but only in secret (as they do not wish to admit they are seeking a "magic watering hole").

The Players
Comte de Mazan
    An obese sadist (though that term isnt in use) obsessed with rape, torture, and cannibalism, he is also the agent of an Aztec god and captain of the Linetine, one of the most powerful warships in the world. A French noble he wears a mask to create a legal fiction that he is extra-national, and managed to talk his way out of a death sentence in a English court by claiming his lack of identity prevented him from being a pirate (but only because of his amazing, supernatural powers of persuasion and mesmerism). This began the entire masqued adventurer movement.
    The Comte is the strongest masque in the region, has the most support back home, and actually controls multiple ships. He is the main villain, though not the only local threat to masqued heroes.

Captain Franklin Dogood
American swashbuckler, bastard son of an American founding father and a French sorceress, he has come to the Pearl Islands to find the elixir needed to keep some of the older generation's great minds from being lost to old age. Captain of the paddlewheel armored ship Leonardos Revenge, having taken it from Comte de Mazan on his first day sailing the ‘Pearls.
    Captain Dogood has no superpowers of his own, though he does possess heroic dexterity, stamina and cunning. He also possesses a "lightning sword," which electrifies it's blade and delivers painful jolts in melee. He does not talk about the blade, other than to confess it is a gift from his father.
    Captain Dogood wears a masque because should he fail to do so, the comte might manage to have france remove aid from the rebelling Colonists, as the Revolutionary War is in full swing.

The Bronze Horseman
    A Russian agent of Catharine the Great, he is the only Russian anywhere near the Pearl Islands, and seeks its legendary treasure for his empress. He is also the only masque who insists on riding a horse even in naval battles, and his great skill with a greatsword and bronze shin, coupled with great endurance and strength, continue to hold Russian interests high despite his total lack of support. Currently a privateer on the Leonardos Revenge.

Mary Red
Fiery-haired Irish woman and true old-style berserker, Mary Red becomes a whirlwind of melee death when she sees blood (even just a little), and keeps fighting until she exhausts herself. She is loyal to England in theory, and Captain Dogood in fact, but hides herself away from "civilization" from shame of her berserker "affliction."

Father Melmoth
An aged, bent Anglican priest who is pushing 200 years of age, Father Melmoth seeks a divine answer within the ‘Pearls, though he will not say to what question. He can often cut through the powers of others by distracting them with scripture, or exorcising the effects of their abilities. He is also extremely perceptive, and has a small pet viper. Captain Dogood has nambed him priest of the Leonardos Revenge.

Lord Estrange
A French noble lacking the support of the Comte, Lord Estrange is an alchemist of great skill, and a surprisingly intuitive detective. He wont oppose the Comte directly, but otherwise aids the crew of the Leonardios Revenge.

Lady Dakkar
Female captain of the small submersible brassclad Mobilis Mobili, a scientific genius and great beauty, but also a short-tempered terrorist who knows where the Fountain of Youth is, but will neither tell anyone, nor allow them to find it. When the crew of the Leonardos revenge face off against pirates, the Comte or supernatural evils Lady Dakkar aids them – when they find a lead to the fountain she hinders them. There is strong sexual tension between the lady and Captain Dogood, as yet unresolved.
    Lady Dakkar seems to be of mixed Indian and Polish ancestry.

The Doomsman
An immortal, and immoral, agent of King George, the Doomsman is the head torturer of the Crown, and has been for centuries. When the Doomsman tortures or hurts someone, he himself becomes younger and stronger. The Doomsman has sent word to the king regarding what to do about the fact the American Revolutionary war is in full swing, and Captain Dogood is clearly an anti-monarchist, but for now the Doomsman sees Dogood as an English citizen, and thus aids him as long as it does not interfere with his secret work for the King, seeking a cure for a curse that the King suffers, causing periodic madness.
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