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Sometimes being the sexy nerd girl comes with responsibilities. While I really, truly will *not* be posting here very often, I *am* going to go ahead and jot down what other games I am in, sicne there has been a, ah, let's say upwards demand for more information from friends I dont get to see in person.

Games I am Running

!!Masque of All Trades
As already described.

!!Long Winter of Kor Kammor
The next game in my long-running Kor Kammor setting. Taking place 150 years after Black Days of Kor Kammor (still to be found in way too much detail at Paizo.com), and 50 years after Six Schools of Kor Kammor (the Kor Kammor Renaissance, which ended with the destruction of gunpowder -- a massive curse prevents it from working anywhere in the world and leqad to a new Dark Age) Long Winter is a location-based city game. The port of Freehaven has been a major center of trade for centuries under benevolent elven rule, and is the off-season home of a number of mercenary companies including the Whiteblades (the group started by Mhyssi in the previous game).

However, this winter the port has been frozen over for the first time in living memory. Trade has ground to a halt, and supplies are beginning to run low. In what is being called the Seige of Ice, hunger begins to grow, and with it cannibalism, which is beginning to create wendigo and ghouls within the city.

Worse, the elven rulers of the city are all slowly sliding from Spring Elves to Winter Elves (elves tired of life, who beocme totally amoral). Is the loss of most elves to the Soulwinter linked to the real winter? Is this the culmination of some prophecy? Can anyone find any food?

Run in pathfinder Beta with lots of other 3rd party books, the PCs consist of

*Hrathgar Flameforge: Dwarven smith and priest of Voronex, dwarven god of fire and knowledge.
*The Gremlin: Halfling feral sewer urchin who is coming up out of the sewers because of the things moving up from the old catacombs. A rogue/psion, the Gremlin speaks in third person and no one is sure of its gender yet.
*Lady Alise Travelt: Human paladin and sailor, the Lady's ship is locked in ice in the harbor, and she's coming to realize her god may have brought her to this town for a reason.
*Urjonelle: A goblin/elf crossbreed (only 1/4 hobogblin, and the grandchild of Daronelle from the Dark Days game -- she just looks like a green-haired elf with large canines), she is a grim battle sorceress working for the Whiteblade. She also seems immune to the slide into Soulwinter, unlike every other elf-blooded creature in the city.
*Morek: Shifter urban ranger/bounty hunter, Morek was hired by Hrathgar to be muscle in the first adventure, and is now tagging along because he lives here too, and he'd rather not be eaten by ghouls. A truly neutral character who has worked for slavers, pimps and bookies, he is currently driven by enlightened self-interest to aid the other PCs.
*Lyliatar: A hafl-elven sage and student at the Illuminum, the Great University of Freehaven. A quiet girl who just wants to study, but has begun to feel the Soulwinter come upon her. As her alignment slides slowly towards chaotic evil, Lyliatar must struggle to even stay interested in life long enough to fight the change of her nature, hitting her much younger than it ever should.

Currently the Long Winter game know they are dealing with an evil building that wants to kill everything within the city, which it sees as parasites; a cult of entrail-readers who are killing innocents to read the future; the quickly devolving elves who run the city, it's resources and it's guard who are turning more and more to perversions to amuse themselves; and newly imported white dragon who likes how things are going, but they dont know if any are the root cause of the city's problems.

(And, see, that's too much detail again. I have *GOT* to leanr to summarize more. Or less, or whatever).

!!Into the Macabre
A modern man-vs-magic game in the vein of Supernatural, with some Highlander and Prophecy movies material thrown in and a LOT of stolen John Carpenter material. Run in M&M. The main conceits are that most myths are based on something real, but not believing in those things gives you fairly good protection from them. Thus our crusaders dont *want* to publize the existence of the thigns they fight, because that would remove most people's only defense. Thigns that go bump in the night usually do so in smaller communities, and often have to use their limited powers to drive up fear and supersticion FIRST, and THEN they can haunt and feed on people.

The main drive is to find Martin Quartermass, an ex-crusader turned horror writer. His books are so vivid and descriptive, they weaken the protection of the people who read them, which is making the supernatural evils of the world more powerful. But Quartermass has gone missing, and clues to his whereabouts "on research trips" always leads to things terrorizing the populace, forcing the crusaders to have an adventure, and then it turns out Quartermass had left just before they arrived.

*Lauren Mitchel: A porn star who was selected by a horrid thing to bare its offspring, Mitchel barely escaped, but now knew what horrors really existed. She is a self-taught crusader, who used her pornstar status to get geeks of all stripes to educate and equip her. Sometimes she uses a claim she is trying to make a switch to being a scream queen as cover for creeping around abandoned houses with a machete.
*Jesse Washington: Imbued the power of John the Conqueror, Jesse is a spirit-warrior who was taught about the Things by his great-aunt. He didnt think they were real until he fought one in an old tunnel he was researching as a slave escape route from the civil war. Now, he hunts them as research, but research he can never show anyone but other crusaders. John the Conqueror, however, has some issues with the white, land-owning crusaders...
*Helen Pickman: Cheerleader, debutante... psychic. Helen doesnt want to save the world, she just wants to go to college. Unfortunately as a seer, she doesn't just believe, she KNOWS about the things. And they know about her!
*Cody Youngblood: Cody ignored his Native American roots except when it would let him score peyote. But he preferred weed and hash, since the mellow lasted longer. But when he got high enough, Cody saw both the Things, and the spirits he could theoretically command to fight them. But Cody is pretty sure that's all just a hallucination. But as long as his new *friends* keep scoring him stuff regularly, he doesnt mind that they have bad trips so often.
*Max Summer: The last of the Rosicrucians, 15-year-old Max was trained to be a crusader from birth. But he wasnt supposed to go into the world until he was 25. Sadly, Legion possessed every other child in Max's home town and killed nearly everyone. Max stopped Legion, and saved Lauren Mitchel who was investigating, but now he has to somehow carry on his order's work with a porn star, a cheerleader, a drug addict disbeleiver, and a warrior imbued with a spirit who was once enslaved by Max's forefathers and would like to see Max dead. And Max cant even legally drive!

*West Grayhawk Delving Society and Book Club
Run in 4e, because I lost a bet, this is a pick-up game run when we dont have one of our regualr
groups. It essentially has repalced boardgames or card games or movie night, but only sometimes.

This is the story of the West Grayhawk Delving Society and Book Club, who alternate between reading good cursed tomes, and dungeon delves (on alternate Wednesdays). They are rivals with the Waterdeep Amateur Archaeological Society and Recycling Board, and Absalom Orc Youth Improvement Council.

They do dungeons. There is no attempted at serious role-play. We role-play anyway, within the framework. We do not take it seriously. We do drink beer, eat pretzels, and have fun.

Characters vary wildly, but highlights include:
Conan the Librarian: A human wizard, multiclass barbarian.
Sir Blocksalot: Eladrin paladin defender and collector of novelty boots.
McStabby of Clan McStabby: Dwarf scotts rogue, plaid fetishist.
Lady Leather: Tiefling warlock looking for new recruits for her Pain Haus.
Narrator: A bard.
Setten Kneel: Halfling cleric of Airobycs, god of regular exercise.
Fighter: A shapeshiting mess, as the characters race and gender keep changing, but not its class.
Valkyrie: A swordmage who thinks she's in a videogame, and keeps shooting the food.
Men, here!: Goliath warlord, the rock of command
Ripsnort: Minotaur warden. Most serious character in the game, which isnt saying much.

Okay, thats it for now. I'll see if I can find time to write about games I'm *in*, later.

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