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Just One game...

See, this is why I get in trouble when I start writing to my blog. I get into long, loving details instead of short descriptions. Instead of all the games I am playing in, I managed to describe just one.

!!Amazing High
The trials and tantrums of the young megahumans learning at the Capatain Amazing High School. The smallest and most underfunded of the three megahuman high schools in the US, it is also the oldest, and the only one the US *must* maintain as part of the Olympus/Xen'Drata Peace Accords of 1957. It thus accepts all students, even the children of villains, as long as they follow the rules while enrolled. It is also the only of the three schools not located on a coast or by a major city, making it feel like punishment to many of its young, hip students. Run in M&M.

Major Characters
Herapatra: Senior. Daughter of Cleopatra's rape of Hercules during the Olympus/Heliopolis War. A jock,  bully and misandrist, Herapatra is also captain of the football team and class president. Just short of seven feet tall, she is bronze skinned and blond haired, a great beauty who has muscle tone you can cut marble with. Herapatra goes through a boyfriend every 2-3 months, and almost always has a few ‘cales (her term, short for "beefcake males") on the side.
    Herapatra is the strongest and most resilient student at Captain Amazing High, and probably the faculty as well. She is a natural leader, tactician, seducer, and brawler who would be unstoppable if she had more training and patience. Heraptra is pissed she's forced to be taught here as part of the Olympus/Xen'Drata peace treaty, feeling she'd get more star treatment at the Liberty School or Hero Brigade.
    ‘Patra (as only female friends may call her) has only failed to achieve one thing – she is NOT field leader of the Amazing Youth Hero Squad. When the field trials, written exams and peer votes were tallied, her total score was second to Crossguard. Herapatra has since begun her own team, the Amazeons, an all-female group. However, as the Liberty Guild and Preservers (the two biggest and best-funded hero teams) tend to recruit from the A.Y.H.S., she is still a member of the official school team.

Crossguard: Junior. For sophomore year was known as Basket-Hilt, but changed name after being made field leader of the Amazing Youth Hero Squad (and because he got a girlfriend during his first year, Medusa, who is teaching him to be less of a hopeless nerd, and instead shoot for cool-as-hell-geek). Crossguard strives to be the archetypical hero, kind to those less fortunate, brave, and careful about applying overwhelming force. Basically, a nice kid.
    Crossguard is a genius inventor who has trained himself to be a hero since he was 7. He fights with gadget-swords (like a Silver-Age Green Arrow, but with swords) he designs and builds himself. His "Main Rake" can catch on fire, become a bladed tazer, super-chill, fire it's blade as a hook-and-line, and do a dozen other things. Specialy daggers are built for specific foes.
    Crossguard won the post of A.Y.H.S. field leader by being second or third at every test, but striving even at areas he knew he couldn't win. That rounded approach made his total score higher than anyone else, but to the surprise of many other candidates.

Medusa: Junior. Instinctively and automatically reads deep thoughs (especially secrets) of anyone who looks into her eyes. Only student allowed to wear shades in secret ID during class. Just gained her powers two years ago and can't control them, still thinks of herself as a freak too often. Crossguard's girlfriend, because he *likes* looking into her eyes.

Pixel: Senior. Can turn herself into a kind of coherent sand. Always stays constant mass, and always reincorporates of blown apart. A weird cross between sandman and kitty pride. Loyal Herapatra flunky, equally willing to be a hero of villain.

Menander: Sophomore. Crossguard's right-hand-man in the field. A flying strongman who may reach Herapatra's power level when he's older. Also has elemental powers: can command air, earth, fire and water (but not generate them). Son of the Tyrant, the Blackverse (evil) version of the Paragon, team leader of the Liberty Guild. Menander expects to take up family business of conquering the world when he graduates, and doesn't understand why that worries Crossguard. ("But Cross, your name would be on the protected lists. Medusa's too, if you want. Or not, if you're tired of her.")

Rebound: Junior. Suffers instant reincarnation – when killed rebound comes back within minutes. However, how strong, fast and smart he is depends on how much karma he earned this lifetime. Thus the faster you kill him, the weaker he becomes. (During a recent fight Menander killed Rebound because RB had been doing lots of charity work lately, and was unconscious. Rebound came back stronger than ever, and turned the tide of the battle. Menander was suspended from school for two weeks).

Takedown: Sophomore. Female. Loyal Herapatra flunky. Feral animal powers, including tracking by scent.

Excubitor: Senior. Son of Glory (a female Captain America) and Vengeance (a Punisher type). Seeks to be the ultimate soldier, but has been kicked out of the two more prestigious schools.

The Gaskgeteer: Sophomore. Male. Intuitive equipment genius. Manic depressive, one lab accident away from being a supervillain. Unrequited crush on nearly every girl in school.

Miss Mars: Sophomore. Essentially a female red-skinned John Cart crossed with Adam Strange. Sword-and-raygun freedom fighter in a brass bikini, training her so she can free her homeworld from Overlord Othane. Menander's current girlfriend.

Human Firearm: Junior, male. Body can grow and propel bone-bullets from hands. Here as part of a plea bargain for killing his abusive parents.

Polymath: Senior. Male. Super-genius, winner of the exam portion of the field leader test. Sees most superheroics as a waste, is just here to learn super-science.

Legion: Sophomore. Male Duplicator, but each duplicate has its own personality, and new personalities may become dominant when recombined. Sometimes a great guy, sometimes a psychopath. All duplicates have telepathy among themselves, and can average-out damage, and draw upon the speed, strength and resilience of other duplicates.

Zipline: Senior, female. Whip expert who can trade places with anyone she is connected to by copper (and has copper wire built into her combat whip). Often places herself in danger, then switches with a target (managed to take out Dinolord by standing in front of a train, then swapping with him).

Paleo: Sophomore, male. Can become a Triceratops or Brontosauraus. Not, yet, a T-Rex.
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