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Last One for Now

This is the last major, regular game I am in. There are others, to be sure. There are always others, are there not? But only three of the games I play in get run regularly and have enough sessions in the books for me to consider them ongoing. We played a Werewolf Survival Horror game twice (New Moon Shuffle), for example. We had a lot of fun, but I'm not convinced the GM is ever going to get a third session run, so for now it doesn't count.

!!Catacomb City
In ancient times, when the primal elemental forces and the titans fought, one elemental force was greater than all others. The force of chaos, the maelstrom of change, was unbeatable and untameable. So powerful was it that all other elements turned against it, and with the titans they once fought shattered chaos. From chaos came order, in the form of the pantheon mothers who in turn mated with the primals and the titans, and formed gods. Thus did gods come into our world, both the old gods of the primal energies, and the young gods of titanic concepts.

But truly chaos could not be defeated, and thus though shattered it existed still. The heart of chaos, a mighty gem, was made into the eye of a stone idol, and buried beneath the planes of earth. The Heart of Chaos forced all the elemental planes and the outer planes of pure thought together, and from them came our world.

And at the center of that world is the swirling spiral of an endless catacomb, a labyrinth of tunnels, chambers and shrines drawn from every conceivable reality and all cultures of all times. At the center still sits the idol, the Heart of Chaos resting in one eye, and whomsoever finds it shall themselves becomes gods.

That was a long time ago. Now, s city sits atop the resting place of the first prisoner. This is Catacomb City, and here every race in the world comes together to delve the first, largest, most dangerous and most changing of all dungeons, the First Dungeon where the chaotic First Prisoner is entombed forever.

And you're stupid enough to join in.

Catacomb City is part urban adventure, part mindless dungeon delve. The players can be anything 3.5 compatible that the DM doesn't throw out as ruinously overpowered. At least one PC per group is required to have a member of the Delver's Guild, who have Delve Stones. Delve Stones allow you to teleport from whatever room you were last in the dungeon to the Guild HQ. This allows groups to resupply (and change players if not everyone is available for every session).

The Main Players:

Henrietta "Blackfalcon"Jouns: Elven explorer (Spycraft). Blackfalcon is from a long line of archeologists who believe the dungeon below Catacomb City is not supernatural, but a produce of the First culture, and if they can find the keystone of the first chamber they can prove it. However, exploring the dungeon is dangerous, and takes money, so they usually work with greed- or power- based explorers. Since Blackfalcon can often figure out what culture and religion a given section of the ever-changing dungeon si from, she's a big help to any group she adventures with even if she's not great shakes in combat.

Epyros the Ebon Flame: Human sorcerer (but with feats and spells from a dozen books). Epyros is a fire-themed sorcerer destined to become a god, or die in a fire. He's working to become a god. Somewhat grim, he is loyal to his friends and takes great pains to never catch allies in his spells. He is also bearer of Dyrene Faugh, a fire elemental bound into the form of a staff, an experienced elemental explorer of the dungeon that wants to be free again.

The Armeure: A warforged (Eberron) warmain (arcana evolved) with a French accent. The Armeure is the last of the Indestructible, a set of construct soldiers that were built to tear down the First Dungeon. Evolved to be smarter than the others of its kind, the Armeure is still seeking a way to ultimately destroy the dungeon, though it knows this will taks more than simple force.

Ennise: A river spirit folk (OA) courtier (Swashbuckling Adventures). Ennise is daughter of the King of the White River, which flows down the west side of the vast mountain Catacomb City sits atop, and the Dungeon sits under. She seeks her brother, heir to the White River, who followed his lover, an earth demon, into the dungeon. Though weak in combat, she has forged the PCs into a fighting force and adventuring guild gaining significant political power within Catacomb City.

Stonehoof: A minotaur-blooded (UA) goliath (RaoSt) cleric, and member of the ruling Bloodhorn Clan of minotaurs who control a vast section of Catacomb City. Stonehoof does not believe the Heart of Chaos can tunr mortals into gods, which violates his religious worship of the Sky Bull Whose Horns and Lightning and Hooves are Thunder. (No shortening of this name is allowed, leading question to be asked about "your god") To prove this, he must find the Heart, and try to become a god, and (he thinks) fail.

MacKarni: Human fighter. Hired by Ennise to be her bodyguard, MacKarni just wants to earn enough money to buy a small tavern and retire. Though he considers himself massively outclassed by much of the party, he is almost always one of the last heroes standing, gamely fighting for victory despite impossible odds.

Bret-eta: Dwarven female dervish (I have no idea where the class comes from). A girl of wide hips and a big top, Bretta is a silk-and-sword dancer who seems to be a rogue/fighter multiclass with some kind of prestige class. An arabic dwarf girl who is also a part-time tavern wench, no one has a good handle on Bret-eta
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